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Recorded Webinars
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Below is a list of available webinar recordings. The most recent recording is listed first. To view any of these webinar recordings, you must be a member of the Business Architecture Guild. If you are not yet a member, please consider joining us. You will gain access not only to A Guide to the Business Architecture Body of Knowledge™, but also to our growing list of webinar recordings, as well as our live monthly webinars.


Most webinars recorded in 2016 and on are available for CEU Credits. If they are not, it will be noted. (scroll down ) You must hold a valid Certified Business Architect (CBA®) designation for the credit to be recognized..Instructions follow after the link 



List of Recorded Webinars

To view webinar recordings, please follow this link.


Recording: Facing Industry Challenges: Next Steps for the Healthcare Provider Industry Reference Model May 20. 2020

This webinar will provide an overview of the Healthcare Industry 2020 trends and impacts due to COVID-19 pandemic 


Recording: Financial Services Reference Model Update- April 22. 2020

This webinar updates attendees on the latest state of the financial services reference model, usage scenarios to make it real and ideas as to how it would be leveraged in practice 


Recording: Government Reference Model Walkthrough: 2nd Year Update - March 18.2020

This webinar highlights improvements to the Government Reference Model: initial versions of the Information Map, Organization Map, Stakeholder Map, and changes to the Capability Model and Value Stream inventory. The speakers will talk about approaches taken to meet the challenge of addressing so many different examples of government in a generic model.


Recording: Value Streams/Business Processes: The Business Architecture Perspective- February 19. 2020

This webinar (based on the latest Guild® Whitepaper Titled: "Similar Yet Different - Value Streams and Business Architecture"), provides a perspective and a common definition and treatment of high-level business processes and how they relate to the concept of value streams and capabilities as defined by the BIZBOK® Guide


Recording: Aligning Operating Models with Strategy Using Business Architecture- January 22. 2020

This webinar will highlight:
How business architecture practitioners can use the operating model to enhance analysis, planning, and optimize organizational activities
How to utilize the operating models to ask relevant questions to help decision-makers drive out strategy and tactics
How and when an operating model framework can be used for decision-making and analysis.


Recording: The Myth of Business Architecture For IT- December 18. 2019

This webinar will discuss how IT fits within an organization’s business architecture, the value of representing it within the bigger picture, and recommendations on how to address common challenges.


Recording: Transportation Reference Model Walkthrough: A Journey into Business Architecture- November 20. 2019

The reference model was developed by a variety of transportation industry organizations engaged in package and freight transport, passenger transportation and urban transport authorities. This webinar will walk attendees through the reference model and discuss adoption and usage scenarios.


Recording: Strategy Mapping- October 16. 2019

This webinar session will highlight strategy mapping techniques, business impact analysis, and end-to-end traceability from strategy formulation through strategy realization.


Recording: Organization Mapping- September 18. 2019

This webinar session outlines the latest BIZBOK® Guide updates on organization mapping and discuss various business usage scenarios.


Recording: Using Insurance Industry Reference Models: A Scenario Based Approach- August 21. 2019

This webinar updates attendees on the latest state of the insurance industry reference model, usage scenarios to make it real and ideas as to how it would be leveraged in practice. Take this opportunity to hear from the insurance industry team leaders on the application and use of business architecture reference models in the field of insurance.


Recording: Leveraging Business Architecture For Security & Risk Management- July 17. 2019

This webinar will discussion how business architecture is used to integrate security management and risk management into an organization’s capabilities and across the rest of the business ecosystem. Attendees will gain insights into how to ensure that their business architecture furthers these disciplines and enables integration across the operating model.


Recording: Using Business Architecture Reference Models: A Scenario Based Approach- June 19. 2019

This webinar will update attendees on the latest state of the financial services reference model, usage scenarios to make it real and ideas as to how it would be leveraged in practice. Take this opportunity to hear from the financial services team leaders on the application and use of business architecture reference models in the field of finance.

Recording: Enabling Transformational Change through Business Architecture - May 15. 2019

As with many companies, FedEx is continuously investing to enable a transformational change. This session will discuss how FedEx is enabling end-to-end planning through execution using business architecture. Topics include business impact analysis, solution design and requirements specification and includes how business architecture is being incorporated to enable other practices including initiative planning, solution architecture, and scaled agile

Recording: Mapping Using Business Architecture for Risk Management & Security - April 17. 2019

Enterprise risk management grows more critical every day. Ideally, businesses are taking a preventative versus reactive approach to risk management. Understanding risks relative to all aspects of what the business does and how it engages customers, conforms to policies, frames initiatives and delivers market value allows risk management professionals to articulate risk-related perspectives from a variety of perspectives to better inform strategic decisions. Adopting a business architecture enabled approach to enterprise risk management allows risk management professionals to establish holistic, cross-business perspectives that further the creation of risk-related controls across every relevant aspect of the enterprise. This session examines the value proposition and related approaches for using business architecture to enable enterprise risk management.


Recording: Mapping Update: Building and Using Information Maps - March 20. 2019

The discussion provides a standard mapping template along with real world examples. Finally, the session discusses the importance of information mapping as a core business architecture domain and related usage scenarios.


Recording: Government Reference Model Walkthrough - February 20. 2019

The Business Architecture Guild's government reference model will make its first appearance in the forthcoming BIZBOK v8.0 release. This webinar will show how the team approached the challenge to build a model of the government industry, which is somewhat different from the business-oriented industry reference models in the BIZBOK. The speakers will show how the team leveraged existing reference model capabilities and value streams, and developed government-unique content. They will also talk about future development plans. 


Recording: Transportation Reference Model Walkthrough: A Journey into Business Architecture

The Business Architecture Guild’s transportation reference model is reaching the level of maturity where it is being readied for downloadable release. This webinar with talk people through the reference model and discuss adoption, evolution and usage scenarios. 


Recording: Business Architecture Standards Update: A Progress Report

The webinar is on work being done within the Open Group, specifically in terms of TOGAF™ alignment, and work being done within the Object Management Group (OMG) related to metamodel standardization. These complementary efforts are moving forward under a coordinated Guild standards strategy that focuses on the practice as well as supporting technologies


Recording: UML Profile for BIZBOK Guide Walk-through

Review the UML® Profile for BIZBOK® Guide built at the Business Architecture Guild that was created to increase adoption of BIZBOK-based modeling by exploiting the capabilities of existing UML modeling tools. The UML Profile for BIZBOK Guide provides a standard set of Business Architecture blueprints and graphical notation the elements and relationships for all nine Business Architecture domains (Capability, Value Stream, Information, Organization, Strategy, Initiative, Stakeholder, Product, and Policy). Not only does this solution diminish the need for end-users to create their own one-off solutions, but also allows integration of Business Architecture models with other OMG-based model content (UML, SysML, BPMN, BMM, UAF). Speakers will also review examples that demonstrate end-user application


Recording: Business Architecture Reference Model Update & Deployment Approach

This webinar will recap existing and evolving reference models, deployment and usage strategies, forward looking trajectories and expansion across industry and government sectors. Forward looking discussions will provide insights into how to position these reference models given that they are continually evolving in depth and breadth, including expanded domain coverage across the business architecture spectrum.


Recording: Extended Business Architecture Domain Recap

This webinar will focus on the extended domains of business architecture: strategy, stakeholder, policy, product, and initiative, as well as the metrics associated with a business ecosystem. The extended domains are mapped and connected to the core domains to provide a broader perspective of an organization’s business architecture and enable a wider range of business scenarios


Recording: Core Business Architecture Domain Recap 

This webinar focuses on the core domains of business architecture, which together form the foundation for an organization’s business architecture. We will provide a quick recap of the four core domains of business architecture, including capabilities, value streams, organization and information. We explore how these core domains fit together and efficient approaches for building them out. Finally, we look at the benefits of these domains and how they can be leveraged in practice.


Recording: Business Architecture Post-Summit Case Studies

The Guild Business Architecture Innovation Summits are highlights of the year for the business architecture community. Part of what makes them special is the breadth and depth of case studies shared by business architecture practitioners on how they leverage business architecture for value within their organizations and industries. During this special Guild webinar, we will hear a brief synopsis of three diverse case studies that were presented at the most recent summit in Reston in March 2018. We will share insights on how to mature a business architecture practices, provide a retrospective of the journey to establish a new practice and leverage business architecture reference models, and highlight on the use of customer experience/service design techniques as a complement to business architecture.

Recording: Product Mapping

The product mapping webinar outlines the role of and approach to product mapping in business architecture, while highlighting its overall importance. The webinar also provides insights into how to leverage product mapping in strategic planning through program deployment and dispels the myth of internal products and services that has emerged in recent years. Finally, the webinar provides actionable product mapping guidelines to maximizing product management and related investments.


Recording: Business Architecture for Dummies

Business architecture is new to many people. Even those who have worked with it may struggle to explain the value of the discipline and exactly what it covers. This webinar will provide a business perspective on business architecture that puts the discipline into clearer context. The session offers a basic perspective on business architecture’s value, common usage scenarios and case studies, and how a business can adopt the practice in practical ways. The session also provides some tips on how to communicate with individuals who have too little time or the inclination to get into the details.


Recording: Putting it All Together: End-to-End Practice Journey

While many business architects are familiar with the building blocks of business architecture outlined in the BIZBOK(R) Guide, some also struggle with how to connect these foundational elements in a way that delivers business value. Using the business architecture value stream in Part 1 as a foundation, this webinar will detail how business architects play a vital role in the transformation of strategy to execution. Further discussion will examine the role of this translation in Digital Transformation, Agile portfolio planning, and other innovative business challenges.


  Recording: Transportation Reference Model: An Update on Work in Progress

In keeping with past webinars on industry reference models, the Business Architecture Guild is pleased to present a update into the work being undertaken to develop the Transportation Industry Reference Model. This webinar share team background and industry composition, feedback from the transportation workshop held in Brussels this past summer, a sneak peek at work in progress, and team directions and plans.


  Recording: Business Architecture Reference Models: Evolution, Strategy & Application

Business Architecture Guild reference model teams are articulating foundational business architecture perspectives across a number of industries. These reference models adhere to BIZBOK® principles, patterns, and best practices. Guild members working on these teams are building a cross-section of business architecture reference models for financial services, insurance, healthcare, manufacturing, and transportation sectors, along with a common reference model applicable to all industries. This webinar will discuss the evolution of these and future reference models, how they are applied, and long-term deployment strategy. In addition, the session will discuss how reference model teams are serving as skill building incubators for team members who reap immediate benefits.


Recording: From Strategy to Agile Stories: An Epic Journey

Poor requirements are often blamed for IT initiatives failing. Even with the iterative nature of agile methodology, there is no guarantee that the enterprise is working on the right solutions and getting the expected value delivered. This webinar session focuses on how requirements definition benefits from the integration of not only scaled agile, but business architecture, which provide traceability and context. We’ll discuss some ways that business architecture provides the enterprise analysis needed for business requirements to be more effective.


   Recording: Business Architecture Common Reference Model

Capabilities and value streams across industries, business units, and teams often have more in common then they do different. By utilizing common definitions and structures in their business architecture maps, seemingly unique organizations come to realize that they can reduce duplication, efficiently plan mergers and acquisitions, and chart their course into the future with confidence.  The Common Reference Model Team is working across the business architecture industry reference model teams to create commonality where it makes sense, and to empower industry-uniqueness where it adds value.


Recording: Aligning Business Architecture & Business Process Management

As an initial effort to align business architecture and business process management (BPM), the Business Architecture Guild published a whitepaper that surveyed the field and set out some general alignment principles. Much of this material was incorporated into the BIZBOK® Guide along with the benefits of alignment. Membership feedback sought to gain more detailed perspectives on exactly how BPM works in alignment with business architecture. This webinar seeks review and comment on principles of alignment, with these principles based on three key ideas.

Recording: Business Architecture Tool Strategy

Billions of dollars of IT investments are disconnected from business strategy and related business priorities, often focused on technical architecture transformation to the exclusion of business transformation perspectives and end customer value. This situation has escalated over the years in spite of the adoption of agile, BPM, and a host of IT architecture methods and techniques. As the chasm grows between IT investments and realization of business value, organizations will see competitive advantage and market position decline, just as costs and risks rise. This webinar will discuss the risks and ramifications of this trend in terms of technical debt and technical bankruptcy. The session will also deliver a framework to guide business-driven, business/IT architecture transformation, outlining the role of business architecture as a foundation for driving business / IT transformation and maximizing IT benefits from a business perspective.


Recording: Business- Driven, Business/IT Transformation

This webinar will discuss the risks and ramifications of this trend in terms of technical debt and technical bankruptcy. The session will also deliver a framework to guide business-driven, business/IT architecture transformation, outlining the role of business architecture as a foundation for driving business / IT transformation and maximizing IT benefits from a business perspective.


Recording: Standardizing a Business Architecture Metamodel: Why it Matters

As more organizations adopt reference models supporting business strategy, planning, and execution, they are looking for ways to simplify complexity, align these industry and technical models, and accelerate the shift from reactive to proactive positions. The Guild Meta Model Team has been working on developing a scaleable model to accomplish these goals and to help establish a standard that can be leveraged across all meta models (over time). This webinar will provide a checkpoint on progress to date and share the roadmap for the team and towards the achievement of a standard Business Architecture meta model.


Recording: 20 Minute Capability Mapping

This webinar will benefit a wide range of attendees including those just getting a capability map established, seeking to improve an existing map, or transitioning from a legacy capability map to a more robust, actionable map. Our 20 minute mapping exercise we will show you how to identify core business objects that become the basis for your capabilities, turn these business objects into a level 1-2 capability map, and formalize next steps. We will provide you with a few simple techniques that allow you to establish a viable capability map, whether it is your first map or a replacement for a legacy map.

Recording: 20 Minute Value Stream Mapping

This 20 minute value stream mapping webinar will quickly communicate best practices, dispel myths, and show you how to identify and articulate a set of value streams. Attendees will learn from practical examples how to identify, segregate, fully articulate and cross-map value streams.

Recording: Business Architecture Insurance Reference Model

Continuing on from past successful webinars on industry reference models, today, the Business Architecture Guild is pleased to present a “sneak peek” into the recent work being undertaken to develop the Insurance Industry Reference Model. This webinar will help you kick-start the business architecture efforts for your organization or perhaps just give you another perspective on your existing architecture

Recording: Information Concepts and Governance - Moving the Business and Practice Forward

Having strong, business-led definition of an organization's information concepts is an invaluable milestone for a business. Proper alignment of information to business capabilities, forms the foundation for a strong information governance program. Information governance, in turn, provides business value in business and technical projects, business transformations, and data architecture and governance programs. This webinar will take us through actionable best practices from the BIZBOK(R) Guide and Business Architecture Guild members that will provide actions, ideas, and insights for your business architecture practice.


Recording: Business Architecture and SAFe Alignment

Frameworks like SAFe can help guide organizations with some best practices to coordinate agile efforts, but it takes commitment by leadership in business and IT to foster an environment of collaboration to deliver business value


  Recording: Not-For-Profit Start Up: Business Architecture Case Study 

This webinar details a case study of the process followed to address this problem by mapping the business model, operating model and business architecture blue prints, with the following unique design constraints: third party sponsors providing the revenue and not the client, two integrally linked non-paying clients with different needs, i.e. Pet and Owner, and the use of paying volunteers who provide fee revenue and resourcing.
   Recording: Business Architecture and Customer Experience

Business architecture has a natural affinity to the Customer Experience domain. Our discipline has proven itself a valuable tool in creating clear, unified views that enable the business to effectively align strategic objectives and tactical demands. CX adds a new perspective that enhances and extends Business Architecture by including the lens of the customer. This webinar will discuss the possibilities that exist between these two disciplines in creating a more holistic understanding and approach to addressing these challenges.

Recording: Health Care Provider Industry: Business Architecture Reference Models

The Business Architecture Guild is facilitating the creation of business architecture industry reference models for a variety of industries. The health care provider industry workshop and ongoing collaborative team efforts are evolving a capability map, value streams and other business architecture perspectives for the health care provider industry. This webinar will discuss progress to date, work planned and how to leverage the information for your business.

Recording: Financial Services Industry: Business Architecture Reference Models

The Business Architecture Guild is facilitating the creation of business architecture industry reference models for a variety of industries. The financial services industry workshop and ongoing collaborative team efforts are evolving a capability map, value streams and other business architecture perspectives for the global financial services industry. This webinar will discuss progress to date, work planned and how to leverage the information for your business. 

Recording: Business Architecture Governance Model

As business architecture’s footprint expands, effective governance grows as well. Lack of a robust governance, engagement model and practice roadmap can slow business architecture deployment. This webinar will discuss approaches for establishing effective business architecture governance based on industry experiences at multiple organizations.

Recording: Business Architecture & IT Portfolio Planning 

Identifying business value is a key aspect of IT portfolio investment planning, yet these planning efforts often focus on IT costs versus business value. This webinar will discuss how business architecture not only informs but should be a key driver of IT investment planning. 


Recording: Business Architecture Policy Mapping: Little Understood, But Highly Critical

A policy is defined as “A course or principle of action adopted or proposed by a government, party, business, or individual.” Understanding, communicating, adhering to and enforcing policy is important to most businesses. Policy mapping is an aspect of business architecture that has gained little attention but is of utmost importance.


The webinars below are not available for CEU Credit

Recording: Business Architecture Elevator Pitch

This webinar covers the various ways to quickly and concisely communicate the value of Business Architecture in a short period of time, in other words, an Elevator Speech. This is the first topic covered by the Guild Council of Executive Advisors, a group of industry leaders with unique business experience across industries and geographic regions formed to partner with the Guild. The goal is to provide recommendations to further the discipline and frame value related messages from multiple perspectives. With the help of Guild members, this webinar will share member feedback on the topic as well as key considerations for any Business Architect to use when creating their Business Architecture Elevator Speech


Recording: Manufacturing Industry: Business Architecture Reference Models

The Business Architecture Guild is facilitating the creation of business architecture industry reference models for a variety of industries. The manufacturing industry workshop and ongoing collaborative team efforts are evolving a capability map, value streams and other business architecture perspectives for the manufacturing industry. This webinar will discuss progress to date, work planned and how to leverage the information for your business.

Recording: Business Architecture Competencies.

The business architecture team is the heart of any practice. As the discipline matures, organizations want to know how to find, grow and assess business architecture talent while practitioners want to chart a course for their development and career path.

Recording: Business Architecture Guild Case Report 

The purpose of the Case Study collaborative team is to share customer testimonials on the value of business architecture. This webinar will highlight our case study approach and progress to-date, as well as introduce the first annual Business Architecture Case Study Awards to be held at the 2016 Business Architecture Innovation Summit. 


Recording: A Business Architecture Guild Case Study: Mapping the Guild's Own Architecture 

Over the past year, a dedicated team of BA Guild members from around the world have been working together to establish a baseline business architecture for the Guild itself. The webinar follows the story of how the team went about the task, the end results, and what they learned in the process.


Recording: Business Architecture Value Stream – Information Mapping

The practice of information mapping plays a pivotal role in everything from requirements, analysis, to data modeling, to high/end business analytics. 

Recording: Business Architecture and Case Management

Case Management is growing in importance as an essential way to manage work effectively in complex, unpredictable work environments populated by knowledge workers. Business architecture provides the baseline for establishing and deploying a sophisticated case management environment. 


Recording: Business Architecture Value Stream – A Practitioner’s Problem Solving Scenario

Most business architecture practices are still working on implementing all of the perspectives business architecture can describe. This webinar provides an introspective look at the business architecture practice through the lens of the business architecture value stream and the capabilities that enable it. Business architecture is a broad and continually developing practice to holistically describe a business


Recording: Business Architecture & Agile Requirements Management

As many organizations adopt agile methodologies for project delivery, practitioners of business architecture must be advocates of how agile teams can utilize business architecture deliverables. This webinar will identify the primary business architecture perspectives that provide value and connection to agile teams, explain how agile teams can leverage these perspectives, and identify best practices for increasing the maturity of this partnership. 


Recording: 20-Minute Value Stream Mapping

Value streams provide the best snapshot of how businesses can improve customer experience, optimize and streamline third party engagement, and sophisticated design solutions to address major business challenges. Surprisingly, many organizations have yet to map out critical value streams as part of their business architecture, leaving a significant gap in management’s ability to improve stakeholder value. This session demystifies the value stream and its related parts by demonstrating how businesses can establish a draft set of value streams in place in short order.


Recording: 20-Minute Capability Mapping

Numerous organizations spend an inordinate amount of time avoiding the basic work needed to establish a robust, principle-based capability map. Spending lots of money, borrowing from quasi-capability map templates and creating capability maps that are a mix of business units and process models has left a landscape riddled with highly sub-optimized capability maps. This session cuts through the confusion surrounding capability mapping and demonstrates the steps  a business can go through to get a robust baseline in place in less time and for less money than most business spend on inferior capability maps.



Recording: Business Architecture Value Proposition

Clearly articulating and differentiating the value proposition of business architecture is a significant challenge for many organizations. Introducing the discipline of business architecture—which by nature is holistic and horizontally aligned—into highly segmented, vertical management structures is a major challenge. This webinar will provide insights and best practices related to establishing the value proposition for business architecture and creating sustainable business architecture practices.


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